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Candidate Species in the Greater Atlantic Region

Candidate species are defined as any species being considered by the Secretary of Commerce for listing as an endangered or threatened species, but not yet the subject of a proposed rule.

Because of this, there was a common misconception that NOAA Fisheries’ candidate species list was a queue for listing under the ESA when, in fact, only a few candidate species have been listed by NOAA Fisheries after having been on the candidate list.

Please see the Federal Register Notice for more information and specifics on the statutory definitions.

The term “candidate species” refers to (1) species that are the subject of a petition to list and for which we have determined that listing may be warranted, pursuant to section 4(b)(3)(A), and (2) species that are not the subject of a petition but for which NOAA Fisheries Service has announced the initiation of a status review in the Federal Register.


Candidate Species in NMFS Greater Atlantic Region

  • Cusk (Brosme brosme)