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2012 HPTRT Meeting Materials


HPTRT Meeting Materials
November 27 - November 30, 2012
Providence, RI

* To be provided at the meeting


This website is intended to support deliberations of the Federally-appointed Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Team. Specifically, the Team uses this site to access meeting documents, presentations, and interim draft work products developed by the Team; documents are not considered "final" unless specifically noted as such.

Meeting Documents


  1. General Documents
    1. HPTRT Roster
    2. HPTRT Ground Rules
    3. HPTRT Draft Meeting Agenda
  2. Background Documents
    1. December 2007 Meeting Summary
    2. December 2007 Supplement to Meeting Summary
    3. January 2008 Meeting Summary
    4. Powerpoint Presentation from April 2012 HPTRT Conference Call
    5. HPTRP Monitoring Strategy
  3. 2010 Rule Background Documents
    1. Preparation of the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program Gillnet Data for Use in Bycatch Analyses of Protected Species (Warden and Orphanides August 2008)
    2. Bycatch of Harbor Porpoises in Three U.S. Gillnet Management Areas: Southern Mid-Atlantic, Offshore, and Western Gulf of Maine (Orphanides and Palka 2008)
    3. Harbor Porpoise Bycatch Rates that Indicate Compliance with Pinger Regulations for the Northeast Gillnet Fishery (Palka and Orphanides July 2008)
    4. Predicted Harbor Porpoise Bycatch under Potential Mitigation Measure Scenarios (Palka July 2008)
    5. Predicted Bycatch of Harbor Porpoises under Various Alternatives to Reduce Bycatch in the US Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Gillnet Fisheries (Palka and Orphanides August 2008)
    6. Summary of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) bycatch and levels of compliance in the northeast and mid–Atlantic gillnet fisheries after the implementation of the Take Reduction Plan: 1 January 1999 – 31 May 2007 (Palka, Orphanides, and Warden 2009)
    7. Effect of pingers on harbor porpoise and seal bycatch (Palka 2007)
    8. Landings: the unit of effort for bycatch rates in gillnet fishing gear (Orphanides 2007)
    9. 2010-2011 HPTRP Consequential Bycatch and Compliance Rates (Orphanides and Palka April 2012)
    10. New England Harbor Porpoise Bycatch Rates During 2010-2012 Associated with Consequence Closure Areas (Orphanides September 2012)
  4. Proposals
    1. Process for Considering Exemptions under HPTRP
    2. Alternative Estimates of the Compliance Bycatch Rate for Harbor Porpoise in the Northeast Management Area (Wiersma April 2012)
      1. NEFSC Response to Proposal
    3. Northeast Seafood Coalition Letter
      1. Economic Impacts of the Potential Harbor Porpoise Consequence Closure (Wiersma July 2012)
      2. NMFS Response to letter
      3. The Humane Society of the United States Letter
      4. The Marine Mammal Commission Letter
      5. The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Letter
      6. Harbor Porpoise Bycatch Estimates Used to Assess a Shift of the Coastal Gulf of Maine Consequence Closure Area (Orphanides and Palka 2012) 


  1. Abundance and Bycatch Updates
    1. 2012 Harbor Porpoise Draft Stock Assessment
    2. Estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in the 2010 New England sink gillnet and Mid-Atlantic gillnet fisheries. (Orphanides 2012)
    3. Preliminary estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in the 2011 New England sink gillnet and Mid-Atlantic gillnet fisheries.  (Orphanides 2012)*
    4. Cetacean abundance estimates in US northwestern Atlantic Ocean waters from summer 2011 line transect survey (Palka 2012)
    5. Updated 2012 Harbor Porpoise Draft Stock Assessment Report
  2. Monitoring
    1. Update on HPTRP Monitoring Initiatives: Compliance and Consequential Bycatch Rates from June 2008 through May 2009 (Orphanides August 2010)
    2. Update on HPTRP Monitoring Initiatives: Compliance and Consequential Bycatch Rates from June 2007 through May 2008; Pinger Tester Development and Enforcement from January 2008 through July of 2009 (Orphanides et al August 2009)
    3. Update on Harbor Porpoise Take Reduction Plan Monitoring Initiatives: Compliance and Consequential Bycatch Rates from June 2009 through May 2010 (Orphanides 2012)
    4. Exploring various units of effort when calculating the trigger bycatch rate associated with the Consequence Closure Areas. (Palka and Orphanides 2012)*
    5. Harbor porpoise bycatch and compliance patterns during Jan 2007 - May 2012 in the Southern Mid-Atlantic management area.  (Hatch 2012)
    6. Harbor porpoise bycatch and compliance patterns during Jan 2007 - May 2012 in the New Jersey management areas.  (Hatch 2012)
    7. Harbor porpoise bycatch and compliance patterns during Jan 2007 - May 2012 in the New England management areas. (Palka 2012)
  3. Research
    1. The Effects of Hanging Ratio on Marine Mammal Interactions and Catch Retention of commercially Important Finfish Species (AIS 2010)
    2. Gillnet Configurations and their Impact on Atlantic Sturgeon and Marine Mammal Bycatch in the New Jersey Monkfish Fishery: Year 1 (Fox et al 2011)
  4. Compliance
    1. Human dimensions of bycatch reduction technology: current assumptions and directions for future research (Campbell and Cornwell)
    2. Rational noncompliance and the liquidation of Northeast groundfish resources (King and Sutinen)
    3. Acoustic deterrent devices in an inshore set net fishery (Hardy et al 2012)
    4. Long term effectiveness, failure rates, and 'dinner bell' properties of acoustic pingers in a gillnet fishery (Caretta and Barlow 2011)
  5. Other
    1. Letter from Academia/Scientists

Presentations *


  1. Plan Overview
  2. Monitoring Update
  3. NSC Proposal and NMFS Decision


  1. Abundance info (Palka)
  2. Observer Program Overview (Van Atten)
  3. Sector Overview (Grant)
  4. Non-Compliance Behavior (Clay)
  5. Bycatch Estimates (Orphanides)
  6. Regional Bycatch Patterns (Palka)
  7. Gillnet Research (Milliken)
  8. Closed Area Model (Murphy)
  9. FAST Project (GMRI)
  10. Acoustic Deterrent Device Research (Werner)
  11. Lessons from Pacific Coast (Long)

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