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Estuary - the mouth of a river where the tide or flow of marine water (salt water) meets and mixes with the freshwater of the river
Eggs - the reproductive body consisting of an embryo together with the nutritive and protective envelopes
Embryo - a fertilized egg


Fingerling - refers to an early life stage of a young fish when it generally measures to a size similar to a human finger
Fishery - industry involved in the catching, processing, and marketing of fish
Forage - searching for food or prey
Fry - life stage at which fish have identifiable body parts; follows the larval stage


Ganoid Scales - diamond shaped scales that are found on primitive bony fishes like sturgeon; scutes are a modified ganoid scale
Genus - a taxonomic rank used in classifying organisms
Gills - the respiratory organ of most aquatic animals that process or breathe water to obtain oxygen
Gill Net - specific net type used by commercial fisherman; fish swim into the net and are caught by their gills or tangled up in the webbing


Habitat - the area or environment where organisms like plants and animals live or occur
Heterocercal Fin - a tail or caudal fin with unequal lobes; in sturgeon the top lobe is larger and points upward, like the tail of a shark