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Welcome to Scutes

My name is Scooter, and I'm an Atlantic sturgeon.   I got my name from these cool scales that I have called scutes.Come and explore this page to learn more about Atlantic and short nose sturgeons, and be sure to check out the fun and exciting Activities, Games, and Videos webpage!

Elementary Students

We have a number of fun activities that will introduce you to Scooter and his friends.
Would you like to learn more about Scooter?


Sturgeon Information

Atlantic sturgeon

High School Students

The SCUTES team in collaboration with your teachers, have provided the following resources to increase your understanding of the sturgeon, its habitat, forecasted future and what you can do to help them recover.

Additional Resources

  Shortnose sturgeon

Opportunities for High School Students and College Students

Here is a video of the Atlantic sturgeon in the Kennebec River: