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April 5, 2005 NEIT Meeting

Presentations and Reports


PowerPoint Presentations


Bruce Russell and Amy Knowlton

Vessel Traffic Management Scenarios

Vessel Traffic Management Scenarios Based on NMFS’ Strategy to Reduce Ship Strikes of Right Whales

Hauke Kite-Powell

Economic Implications of Port Call Dislocation in the Port of Boston

Economic Implications of Possible Reductions in Boston Port Calls Due to Ship Strike Management Measures: Report produced for NMFS and MASSPORT

Amy Knowlton

Update of GIS Presentation of Survey Tracklines, Right Whale Sightings, and Right Whale Movements

Available at:

Russell Leaper and Lex Hiby

Mid Atlantic Right Whale Movements Modeling

DRAFT Progress report on the use of photographic capture histories of individually identified North Atlantic right whales in the Southeast United States to make inferences about whale occurrence in the mid-Atlantic region


Bill McWeeny and Bruce Russell

Development of a Merchant Mariner Education Module Entitled: Voyage Planning and Marine Environmental Protection Measures to Avoid Collisions with the North Atlantic Right Whale

Report on Merchant Mariner Education: Training to Reduce Ship Collisions with North Atlantic Right Whales

Owen Nichols

Analysis of risk to right whales in Cape Cod Bay

Analysis of Risk to North Atlantic Right Whales from Shipping Traffic in Cape Cod Bay

Mason Weinrich (Dave Wiley)

A proposal to move the Boston Approach shipping lanes


Greg Silber

North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery Program


George Detweiler

Port Access Routes Study (PARS)


Tom Fetherston

US Navy Right Whale Protective Measures