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2011 Sturgeon Workshop - Day 2 (Feb 9) Presentations

  1. General Research
    1. Genomic Project (Tim King)
    2. Mixed Stock Analysis (Isaac Wirgin)
    3. Act Network (Lori Brown)
    4. New Population Information for Sturgeon in the Altamaha River (Doug Peterson)
    5. Effective Population Size (John Waldman)
    6. Toxic Effects of PCB's and Dioxins on Young Life Stages and Gene Expression of Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon (Chris Chambers)
    7. Growth and survival of Hatchery Released Fish (Jerre Mohler)
  2. Population Dynamic Models
    1. PVA Shortnose Sturgeon in the Ogeechee River (Yetta Jager)
    2. Bioenergetics Model for Shortnose Sturgeon (Dave Secor)
    3. Atlantic Sturgeon (Ivan Mateo)
    4. Summary of Gulf Sturgeon Modeling Efforts (Jared Flowers)