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Control Date for the Deep Sea Red Crab Fishery

Date: February 29, 2000

Dear Permit Holder:

This letter serves to inform you of action recently taken by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) on behalf of the New England Fishery Management Council (Council) relating to the development of a fishery management plan for the Deep Sea Red Crab (red crab) fishery.

The Council recently requested, and NMFS published, a control date for the red crab fishery. The publication of this notice of control date in the Federal Register serves to notify the public that a management system is being considered that may limit the number of participants in the fishery, and that eligibility criteria under such a system may include the control date. Entrants into this fishery after the control date will not be assured future access to this fishery if it is determined that a limited entry management system is needed to prevent overfishing or rebuild the stock. This notice is purely advisory. At this time, there are no federal regulations or federal permit requirements for the red crab fishery.

The control date for red crab is: March 01, 2000

The Federal Register notice that established this control date contains additional information regarding the use and possible implementation of this control date. To request a copy of this notice, please call (978)281-9315, or visit the Northeast Regional Office's website at: http://www.nero.nmfs.gov/ro/doc/nero.html

This notice is authorized by the Regional Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service

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