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Framework 9 to Atlantic Sea Scallops

Date: August 14, 1997

Dear Sea Scallop Permit Holder:

This is to inform you that Framework Adjustment 9 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan was recently approved. The framework exempts general scallop permit holders from the 400 lb. possession limit when enrolled in a state waters exemption program and fishing exclusively landward of the outer boundary of the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. All general category scallop vessels opting to request entry into the state waters exemption program must follow the following notification requirements:

1) Notify NMFS by calling 508-281-9335 at least seven days before the date on which the exemption is requested. You must state the beginning and ending dates of the requested exemption period and,

2) Remain in the exemption program a minimum of seven days. If your vessel has been in the program a minimum of seven days and you wish to withdraw earlier than the requested exemption period, you must notify NMFS by calling 508-281-9335. Your vessel may not leave port to fish in the EEZ until 48 hours after this call.

General category vessels participating in the state waters exemption program may not fish in the EEZ during the participation period.

This letter is only a summary of the major measures and has no legal force or effect. There are other requirements that may not be mentioned. To read the requirements in their entirety, you are urged to obtain a complete copy of the regulations by calling 508-281-9278.

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