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#SalmonChat on Twitter with NOAA Scientist Dan Kircheis

Read our recap of our #SalmonChat with Dan Kircheis.

Thursday, February 18 at 1pm.

Dan Kircheis is one of the co-authors of the Species in the Spotlight Atlantic Salmon Action Plan. He is a fishery biologist with NOAA's Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office located at the Maine Field Station in Orono. Dan has been working with Atlantic salmon for more than 20 years, and has been working for NOAA Fisheries since 2000, following the initial endangered species listing of the Atlantic salmon.  

About Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), also known as the “King of Fish,” were once found in north American waters from Long Island Sound in the United States to Ungava Bay in northeastern Canada. Atlantic salmon are anadromous fish, spending the first half of their life in freshwater rivers and  streams along the East Coast of North America and the second half maturing in the seas between Northeastern Canada and Greenland. 

Today, the last remnant populations of Atlantic salmon in U.S. waters exist in just a few rivers and streams in central and eastern Maine. These populations constitute the Gulf of Maine Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of Atlantic salmon, which is listed as endangered under the ESA.

Salmon Fast Facts:

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