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How Can We Communicate Better? Survey Says…!

Communication Tree
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Every day we strive to communicate effectively and engage with our stakeholders by promoting two-way dialogue. Our audiences vary greatly, and span from Maine to North Carolina, and beyond.  They include commercial and recreational fishermen, seafood dealers and processors, government and non-government entities, educators and students, aquaculturists, tribes, environmental groups, and the general public.

The diversity of our audience presents unique communication challenges, which is why we went to the source (you) for input on how we can do a better job. In March, we posted an online survey to get feedback on how well we are communicating.  More than 700 people responded to let us know what we are doing well, and what could be done better.

Generally, people were satisfied with the expertise and courtesy of our staff, as well as with the ease of reaching the right staff person to respond to their question. Also, the usefulness of the information received was high. Two of the more frequently used communications tools are our Fish OnLine website and Fishery Bulletins, both of which received good feedback.

We also got suggestions for improvements, many of which were about online communication and data tracking tools. Here are the most frequent comments we received:

We heard what you said and have already started responding to your ideas. You may have already noticed some of these changes!

Good communication is a top priority for us and your feedback is very important. If you have additional comments, please contact Allison Ferreira, Stakeholder Engagement Division, at 978-281-9103 or email her at