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GARFO Releases 2016 Year in Review Report

The Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office is proud to announce the release of our second annual Year in Review report.

In 2016, we have continued to work toward our goals of sustainable use of living marine resources, conservation of the habitats upon which these resources depend, and the protection of endangered species and marine mammals.

In this report, we highlight some dramatic advances in conservation, such as the development of deep sea coral protection zones, multiple successful projects to help fish get beyond barriers in rivers to spawn, and the expansion of right whale critical habitat. We helped save hundreds of sea turtles that had been trapped in the Gulf of Maine when water temperatures dropped, and we were able to declare that the stock of barndoor skates has been rebuilt.

Such successes are not ours alone. We work hand in hand with our partner agencies and with members of the public. The report highlights some special efforts to improve collaborations, especially with the fishing industry. For example, we held a workshop with whiting fishermen to find ways to manage the small-mesh fishery with the support of the industry. We also worked with Deepwater Wind to help it design, construct, and operate the nation’s first offshore wind facility in a way that conserves essential fish habitat and minimizes the impacts on endangered species.

We hope you will enjoy reading this short summary of GARFO’s highlights for the fiscal year 2016.

The report is available as a pdf on our website.

If you would like a printed copy, please contact Allison Ferreira at or 978-281-9103.