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Cultivator Shoals Whiting Fishery Exemption Area

Cultivator Shoals Exemption Area Map

Area: This Exemption Area (EA) is designed for small-mesh multispecies, but spiny dogfish can be possessed or landed incidentally up to the trip possession limit. The EA is defined by straight lines connecting the following points in the order stated:

N. Latitude W. Longitude
42°10’ 68°10’
41°30’ 68°41’
41°30’ 68°30’
41°12.8’ 68°30’
41°05’ 68°20’
41°55’ 67°40’
42°10’ 68°10’

Season: June 15 – October 31, unless otherwise specified by notification in the Federal Register.

Gear: A minimum mesh size of 3-inch square or diamond mesh, applied to the first 100 meshes (200 bars in case of square mesh) for a vessel greater than 60 feet in length, or 50 meshes (100 bars in case of square mesh) for a vessel less than or equal to 60 feet in length, counted from the terminus of the net.

Requirements: A participating vessel must carry a Letter of Authorization (LOA) issued by the Regional Administrator, valid for a minimum of 7 days. A participating vessel may withdraw from the program no earlier than 7 days from the date of enrollment. LOAs, and withdrawals, may be obtained from our Permits Office at (978) 282-8438 or here. While fishing in this EA, vessels may not fish for, possess on board, or land any species of fish other than dogfish and the following:

Transiting: When transiting the GOM or GB RMAs, any nets with a mesh size smaller than the RMA minimum mesh size must be stowed and unavailable for immediate use.