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Greater Atlantic Region Marine Mammal Authorization Program (MMAP) Certification

Current state or federal permit holders using gear types categorized as Category I or Category II fisheries (defined in the annual List of Fisheries) are automatically registered in NOAA Fisheries Service's Marine Mammal Authorization Program (MMAP) in the Northeast Region. Only those Category I or Category II commercial fishery participants registered under the MMAP are exempted from the Marine Mammal Protection Act's general prohibition on the taking of non-endangered /threatened marine mammals incidental to their fishing operations. Takes of endangered or threatened marine mammals are not authorized in the Atlantic.

MMAP Certification Requirements  

The requirements of the MMAP are listed on the Certificate itself and are also summarized below:

  • Keep the MMAP Authorization Certificate or a copy, on board the vessel, or on your person while engaging in commercial fishing activities.
  • Take an observer aboard your vessel when requested by NOAA Fisheries Service or our designate. Make sure your vessel possesses a current Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Examination decal issued by the United States Coast Guard.
  • Report all injuries and deaths of marine mammals within 48 hours of returning from the trip during which these takes occurred using the Mortality/Injury Reporting Form, even if the incident is recorded by an observer.
  • Comply with all applicable Take Reduction Plans, gear modifications, and emergency regulations that apply to your fishery.

Marine Mammal Mortality/Injury Reporting  



Please Remember:  All reports must be submitted within 48 hours of the end of a fishing trip in which the interaction occurred.

MMAP Certificate  

 Download 2018 MMAP Certificate
(requires free Adobe Reader).

If you have trouble downloading, please contact NMFS at 978-281-9328 to have a hardcopy mailed to you.
This certificate is valid from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.


Additional Information  

Applicable Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Category I & II Fisheries

Click here for the fishery definition reference guide or click on each fishery for more detailed information. Please note: "High seas" fisheries occur outside of 200 nautical miles.







Seine, pound & stop net:

Other High Seas Fisheries:

  • High seas Atlantic highly migratory species troll
  • High seas Atlantic highly migratory species pole & line
  • High seas Atlantic highly migratory species multipurpose vessel not elsewhere included (NEI)

Additional Information: