Publication of the butterfish landings report is suspended until total butterfish landings reach 75% of the possession limit trigger threshold (75% x 25,342,137 = 19,006,603 lbs)

Vessels issued butterfish moratorium permits are allowed to land unlimited amounts of butterfish if using mesh greater than or equal to 3 inches. Once landings reach 10,495 mt (23,137,514 lb), these vessels will be limited to a 5,000-lb trip limit. The 10,495 mt limit = 11,495 mt (DAH), minus a 1,000 mt buffer for management uncertainty.

Vessels issued a squid moratorium permit fishing with mesh less than 3 inches are prohibited from landing more than 5,000 lb of butterfish per trip.

When NMFS projects that the butterfish catch has reached the butterfish DAH, as determined in the annual specifications, NMFS will implement a 600 lb (272 kg) possession limit for all vessels with relevant permits.